Your specialists for the pretreatment of industrial wastewater that contains poorly biodegradable or poorly degradable toxic ingredients or heavy metals. 

Advice on questions of wastewater disposal 

Take advantage of our comprehensive expertise. We would be happy to provide you with expert advice when it comes to difficult cases in the wastewater sector. 

Wide range of wastewaters 

Thanks to its industrial design and highly-specialized disposal expertise, AVORA can pre-treat problematic wastewater in a professional and environmentally friendly manner:

• Removal of heavy metals of all kinds (not including mercury) 
• Removal of water-soluble toxic organic ingredients, trace substances, industrial chemicals, etc. 

Disposal is a matter of trust 

We analyze industrial wastewater in our own laboratory. Based on the results, we recommend the most suitable disposal method and submit the offer to you. Upon request, we will provide you with a detailed disposal report once the pretreatment process has been completed. With this report, you can be certain that your wastewater has been disposed of professionally and responsibly. 

VeVA company number: 277000180 

You determine the type of delivery 

Wastewater can be delivered in tank cars via rail, in tanker trucks, or in IBC containers. On-premise customers are connected via pipelines.

YOUR Contact

Stefan Peterli, PhD

Head of Waste Water Disposal & Purification

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